Greg Morizumi

August 26, 2011

Greg Morizuni is the Founding Director of the Eastside Arts Alliance (ESAA). ESAA is an organization of artists, cultural workers, and community organizers of color who live and/or work in the San Antonio district of Oakland, and who are committed to using the arts to improve quality of life and advocate for progressive social change.

He has frequently traveled with Bobby Seale to moderate his lectures, and will be our moderator for our conversation panel on the 28th at House of Music Cultural Center in Oakland.


Power To The People

August 21, 2011

Where Black Radicalism as we know it today, all began. Find out how it led here on Sunday the 28th.

The House Of Music Cultural Center; huge and beautiful…run by D’wayne Wiggins from Tony Toni Tone…420 14th Street between Broadway and Franklin.